In aNewSpring we use different terms that you will often encounter. Below is an alphabetical list of terms.

Create activities where you put content that can consist of questions and content parts. There are different learning activities with different characteristics:

  • Lesson
  • Documentation
  • Assignment
  • Hand-in assignment
  • Assessment
  • Scan
  • Inquiry
  • 360 degree feedback
  • External Activity
  • Certificate

Instructor group
Link instructors to a course through an instructor group.

You can place multiple activities under one block to create a hierarchy in the learning path.

Indicate when an activity becomes available for the learners.

Content library
All content that must be included in the template, or learning journey, is in one or more content libraries. Within the library you can add content consisting of questions and content parts. To keep everything in order, you can organize everything into folders. You only need to create content once and you can use it in multiple templates.

Learner group
Add a group of learners to multiple versions at once. Or use the group to view the data of a specific group of learners in a report.

Exam term
Refers to a test matrix and indicates whether the question is an exam question. If you use exam terms, you can make tests with random questions later in the template.

External ID
These IDs are used to link aNewSpring to another system using the API. From this system, actions can be implemented such as adding courses and subscribing learners.

See Learner, Instructor or Mentor group

Content part
A content page that can include text, images and videos.

At aNewSpring you pay with licences. You will not pay licences until you subscribe learners.

Create Look & Feel with themes
Create your own theme that suits your brand. Please contact us if you would like our help.

A tool that trains knowledge in a personalised way, so learners remember more and pass a course more quickly.

Mentor group
Link a mentor group to a course.

A licence is valid for one year. If there is still an active or new subscription after that year, a new licence will be deducted from the balance.

With roles you can give users in aNewSpring certain permissions to determine what they can and cannot see and/or do.

Shareable Content Object Reference Model. Freely translated, this is a model for the exchange of learning objects. With SCORM it is possible to put external content into a template.

A table of contents within an activity. Use this to group content parts and questions together within an activity.

An extra learning environment that you can add to your own environment as another subdomain.

Build a learning journey with activities in a template. You need the content that is in a content library.

Once a template is published, you can create a course to which you can subscribe learners. By creating multiple versions you can link several groups of learners under one template.

With this you can add extra options to your course. Learners can see blocks on the right side of the course overview where information and extra functions are shown. In the template you define which widgets should be shown. You can also add widgets yourself with, for example, an instruction video.