aNewSpring has eight different roles that you can assign to a user. With Roles you can give certain permissions to users in aNewSpring. To the roles you can assign Rights, which decide what users can or can't see or do.

Go to step 2 if you've just manually added a user

Or first manually create accounts for new aNewSpring users.

Go to the Users tab to find the learner in the list and click Roles.

1) Select the roles for this user and click Update

  • Learner: takes a course. (it will cost a licence per learner that you subscribe to a course)
  • Instructor: instructs an active course.
  • Author: can place educational material like questions and content parts in the system.
  • Designer: can create learning journeys in templates from existing questions and content.
  • Mentor: is a third party that can monitor the progress of the learners. Mentors are not visible to learners in the learning journey.
  • Reseller: can create access codes for a course and manage the catalogue.
  • Administrator: administrates the learning environment. Responsibilities are for example create content libraries and managing users.
  • Tenant: has the Settings tab to buy licences. (You only see this checkbox if you also have the tenant role.)
Tip: Don't you know which role to assign to whom? Take a look at the detailed list of rights per role.

After assigning the roles, the tabs for the roles that you have checked will appear.

2) Give the user access to a tag collection

If the new user has the author, designer, administrator and / or reseller role, you can link them to a tag collection by clicking More.

You can assign two types of rights. Choose Use tags if this user is allowed to see tags and link them to items.

Also choose Manage tags if this user is allowed to add, edit and remove tags.

3) Set up the rights per role

Click on the tab per role:

  • Learner tab - Subscribe a learner to a course
  • Instructor tab - Subscribe an instructor to an instructor group
  • Author tab - Link content libraries
  • Designer tab - Link the designer to content libraries that are/should be linked to the template
  • Mentor tab - Subscribe the mentor to a mentor group
  • Administrator tab - Set up specific administrator rights
  • Reseller tab - Link the reseller to a subenvironment

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