As an instructor you can change several settings in a course:

  • Add documents
  • Change MemoTrainer settings
  • Activate/deactivate activities
  • Determine which learners you want to instruct


When on the tab Instruct, click on More behind the course you want to change the Settings.

Add documents

Add documents or an explanation to the learners that is visible for them on the right side of their learning journey. It is displayed in the Documentation widget. When you click the tab Settings, you will see a text editor 'Documentation'. Here you can add text. To add documents here, click  and upload files from your computer.

MemoTrainer settings

Read more about the MemoTrainer in 'What is the MemoTrainer?'. As an instructor (if this is made possible by the designer) you can change the settings of the MemoTrainer per course.

Test preparation: The intensitivity of the MemoTrainings are being adjusted to the time left for the set date by learner.
Knowledge maintenance: Choose this option of there is no known exam date. The learner keeps getting MemoTrainings untill his course expires.

Activate/deactivate activities

If a checkbox is unchecked below the column Active, the activity is no longer visible for the learners. Check the box under Notification if you want to receive a notification when the learners have completed that particular activity.

Manage learners

Appoint yourself a specific group of learners that you are guiding. Statistics of the learners are only available to you when you are linked to them.

Click on  at the top of the screen.

Unlinking learners

Unlink learners by checking the boxes next to their names and clicking on Unlink. The learners you are guiding have black dot in the column Linked. You can check the box For all courses if you want to unlink the learners for all the courses they are being guided by the instructor.

NOTE: When you want to unlink a learner, make sure you select the learner in the left column instead of the instructor. (click on the plus to see the learners the instrucor is guiding).
If you select the instructor on the left side and the learner on the right side, then all learners will be unlinked from that instructor.

Linking learners

Select one or more learners that are not linked and click on Link.