The content that learners see when they start an activity may consist of questions or content parts. Create new content directly in the activity or select already existing ones.

You can add the content by clicking Edit at an activity in the template and going to the Activity content tab.

Select existing content

Click on the Select content button and choose the content that should appear in this activity.

If the questions and content parts in the content library have tags, you can use the filter to show only specific content. Use the select all checkbox to show all content again.

Do you not see the created content in the pop-up? 

Click and then click the Content Management tab. Here you select all the content you want to use in this template.

Click Update to save it.

Create new content

The +Question and +Content part buttons can only be viewed if you also have the author role.

The order in which you create the questions and content parts will also be the order in which they will be placed in the activity.

It differs per type of activity if you can add questions or content parts. For this, see the article Which activities can I use in a template.

Order of the questions / content parts

Are the pages not yet in the desired order? Tick them and click on the arrows to put them in the right order.

If the author has already created content, they can influence the order by using IDs as in the example below.

As a designer, you only have to select the concerning folder via the Select content button and the questions and content parts are in exactly that order.

Place content in a section

Bundle questions and content parts by putting them in a section. Sections are visible to the learner in the learning journey and the menu on the left within an activity as a table of contents. The name of the section becomes a link that allows them to navigate directly to the content that belongs to that section. See also the related article for a detailed explanation.

What can I change in the content once the activity is published?

Modify text

The content of the questions and content parts themselves can always be changed. Click Edit at a question or content part. The update is immediately visible to the learners after Update.

Add and deselect content
  • Documentation
  • Lesson
    You can add and hide questions as well as content parts. This does have consequences for the learners. The score is not adjusted for those who have already completed the activity, however, the reports and statistics may change.
In the other activity types it is not possible to add or remove content. If you wish to do so, it is best to replace the activity for a new one.

The order of the questions and content parts can be changed in the following activities:

  • Documentation
  • Lesson
  • Assessment
    Only possible if you have selected specific questions. The change is only visible for learners who have not yet started the assessment.
  • Inquiry
  • Scan
  • 360 degrees feedback

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