• You would like to give learners the possibility to record a video and hand it in to the instructor.
  • You would like to have learners record a video that other learners can give feedback to.
The recording feature only works in Chrome and Firefox. Besides that the environment needs to work with a valid SSL certificate.

Which role do you need?


Click the Templates tab and click Edit. Under the Template tab you can create a new activity with +Activity. Then choose Video hand-in assignment

1) Fill in the assignment description

If you are going to use the assignment in multiple templates, it's best to put the description in a content part and select that.
Otherwise choose Text editor

2) Add information that the learner consult during recording

For example a checklist with tips for the learner to pay attention to while recording, or the objectives needed to complete the assignment.

Here you can also choose to reuse text by making a content part, or you can add text directly in the text editor.

3) Set the default settings

See the article Add hand-in assignment, because these settings are the same.

No hand-in button while testing

You will not see the hand-in button while testing the video hand-in assignment. This button is only visible to subscribed learners. You can see an example of the screen of a learner in the example below.

After clicking Create video response, the learner will see a popup in which the recording can be started, if the device they're using has a recording feature.

Once a video has been recorded, it can still be deleted. Once the learner clicks Hand in, it is definite and other learners can give feedback and/or the instructor can assess the video, depending on the settings.

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