With SCORM, it is possible to use external content in your course. aNewSpring only fully supports SCORM 1.2.


First, import the SCORM in the content folder. For more information see this article 'Importing and exporting content'.

Click Templates in the main menu followed by the Edit icon at the course template you want to use.


There are two ways to load SCORM in the template. You can create multiple SCORM activities at once or one SCORM activity at a time.

Multiple SCORM activities at once

Click 'Add activities based on SCORM parts'. Then select the SCO's that you want to use and click the tab Configuration to choose where to place the SCORM activities.


One SCORM activity at a time

First create a block by clicking + Block. Next, click + Activity and choose the dropdown menu for SCORM. Give the activity a unique name and click OK to save.

Click Edit and choose the SCORM package or SCO you want to use in this activity.


If you let the SCORM play in the canvas itself, you need to set the size for the canvas. If the SCORM covers the whole page, it is better to open it in a pop-up.

If the SCORM displays in a pop-up, there is a big chance, the browser blocks the pop-up. Learners can experience issues with it, because it is not very obvious in some browsers.

For other settings, see 'General settings of activities'.

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