By using the reflection activity, learners can answer the same evaluation questions at different points in the learning journey. They can also review their previous answers, to reflect on their progress and development as the learning journey progresses.

Adding a reflection activity
Click on +Activity in your template to add a new activity. Select Reflection under Reflect & Evaluate

Configuring the reflection activity
You can add evaluation questions to the reflection activity. Click +Question to add a new question, or Select content to select an already existing question.
Repeat the same question through different reflection activities for learners to be able to look back on their previously given answers.
Just like in the form activity, all questions in a reflection activity are presented on a single page.

Repeating reflection activities
Add additional reflection activities to your learning journey, including the same evaluation questions as in the first activity. Learners can then see their answers to questions in previous reflection activities. They will see the option Previous answers, from which they can select a previous answer to a question.