• You would like to give learners the possibility to upload files as assignments and hand them in to their instructor.
  • You would like your learners to do an assignment on which other learners can give feedback.

Which role do you need?


Go to the Templates tab and click Edit. Under the template tab you can create a new activity with + Activity. Then choose Hand-in assignment.

1) Fill in the assignment description

If you are going to use the assignment in multiple templates, it's best to put the description in a content part and select that.
Otherwise choose Text editor

2) Add supporting files (optional)

These can be documents to support the learner with the assignment.

3) Continue setting up the assignment

After publishing, not everything is adjustable anymore. Those settings have been marked with a * below.

For the two options below, you would have to turn on Interaction between learners on the settings page of the template.

Participants can see each others files*
Learners can see each others assignments, when handed in.

Discussions are allowed in the hand-in assignment*
Learners can discuss with each other about their hand-in assignments (only available for social learning and game-based learning)

For the following settings, you should activate Learning journey with instructors on the settings page of the template.

Assessment possible*
Instructors can mark the assignment als Passed or Failed (close activity). If the instructor selects Failed, the learner will have a retry possibility.

Activity can be reassessed
This option is turned on by default and gives the instructor the option to modify the score that was given by the assessor. If the activity has been reassessed, the original date of the first time will continue to be shown to the learners.

External assessor allowed*
The learner has the option to invite someone external to assess his hand-in assignment.

Add numeric score to assessment*
Check this option if the assessor should grade the assessment. You can use multiple criteria to calculate the final score, or you can have the assessor fill in the final score. If the instructor enters a score lower than the threshold, the learner will have the option to hand in a new assignment, unless the instructor closes the assignment.

After checking the option, extra options will appear to set up the rest of the score. The easiest way to set up a threshold is by choosing Percentage. Would you prefer to round to decimals, whole of half numbers? First read the article How do I set the threshold of an assessment relative to the score?

Allow learner to complete assignment after upload*
If you don't want to involve instructor with assessing the assignment, you can check this option. Once a learner finishes an assignment, the 'Continue button' in the learning journey will change to a 'View details button'.

When you use this option, you can give learners the possibility to change the title, description and change the uploaded file after submitting.

Note: Hand-in button not visible when testing

If you test the activity and/or template, you can see the assignment itself. However, you cannot see the hand-in button nor hand something in to test it. This part only works when the template is published, a course is created and an instructor is linked. A learner can then hand-in the assignment. It looks als follows:

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