• Adding learning objectives within an activity works best when you create an adaptive learning path.
  • You want to add a hand-in assignment to an adaptive learning path ...
  • ... to allow learners to process the acquired knowledge in a more practical assignment;
  • ... and then offer the learner activities that improve weak points.

Which role do you need?


Click Edit on the Templates tab . Under the tab Template you can create an adaptive block.

Then create a new activity with +Activity and choose Submit.

Optional: Set the hand-in assignment as a baseline measurement

The example below may serve as a replacement for step 5 of the tutorial 'How do I create an adaptive learning path for the learner' .

By setting up a hand-in assignment at the beginning of the adaptive learning path, you can ensure that the target profile (step 9 of the aforementioned tutorial) is already partially filled so that learners don't have to go through extra material after they have achieved a learning objective. In this case, you do not place the hand-in assignment in an adaptive block.

1) Add a description of the assignment

You can add text in the editor or you can select a content part. The latter is useful if you also use the same text in other assignments or templates.

Use the button  to switch between Content part and Text editor.

2) Add assessment criteria

To add learning objectives, it is necessary to set criteria.

Scroll down the properties to 'Standard settings'. Choose Assessment possible and Add numeric score to assessment .

You can decide for yourself how the final grade should be calculated. At 'Score' and 'Threshold' you set when the hand-in assignment is considered 'passed'.

Click +Criterion and enter a Title. With the 'Max score' you determine which score is required to pass the criterion.

3) Set the learning objectives

Via the Learning objectives tab you can select learning objectives per criterion. If no learning objectives have yet been added in the template, you will find the instructions in step 1 to 4 of the aforementioned tutorial.

4) Set a weight per learning goal (optional)

You can set per learning goal how strong its effect should be in the assessment.

Go to the Weights tab. If a learner achieves the learning objective (by getting the max score from a linked criterion) they will get the number of points that are listed under the 'Result' column.

Next step

You have now made a hand-in assignment with learning objectives. You can now continue with 'step 6: Create adaptive blocks', from the tutorial.

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