What can I do on the Instruct tab at the course settings?

Link instructors and/or mentors to a course so they can keep track of the progress of the learners. You can also set privileges for the instructors here.

Where can I manage the instructors/mentors in a course?

Go to the Templates tab and expand the template. Click on the name of the course and go to the tab Instructors.

How can I manage the instructors/mentors?

Select a Instructor and/or Mentor group here that you've created. If you have not created these groups, read more about it here: Managing groups.

After you've picked a group you can set the rights.

Calendar: The instructor can add calendar items
Learners: The instructor can create a specific group of learners to teach. The instructor can set up what you (as an administrator) can set up under 'Manage instructor learner'.
Messages: The instructor can send and receive messages from learners.
Notifications: The instructor receives notifications of completed activities that you selected under the tab Activities.
Assess: The instructor can assess open questions, Hand-in assignments and 360° feedback. Specify this at the Activities tab.