What can I do on the Instruct tab at the course settings?

Link instructors and/or mentors to a course so they can keep track of the progress of the learners. You can also set privileges for the instructors here.

Where can I manage the instructors/mentors in a course?

Expand the template under the Templates tab so the templates appears. Click Settings. Or click Edit in the template to go to the Courses tab. Click the name of the course.

Click the tab Instructors.

How can I manage the instructors/mentors?

Select a Instructor and/or Mentor group here that you've created. If you have not created these groups, read more about it here: Managing groups.

After you've picked a group you can set the rights.

Calendar: The instructor can add calendar items
Learners: The instructor can create a specific group of learners to teach. The instructor can set up what you (as an administrator) can set up under 'Manage instructor learner'.
Messages: The instructor can send and receive messages from learners.
Notifications: The instructor receives notifications of completed activities that you selected under the tab Activities.
Assess: The instructor can assess open questions, Hand-in assignments and 360° feedback. Specify this at the Activities tab.