When a course template is published you can add multiple courses to it. This way you can give a group of learners access to the course.

Where can I add a course?

Click under the tab Courses on + Course in a published template. See also 'Publishing a course template'.
Or first click Edit in the template, go to the tab Courses and click + Course.;

How can I add a course?

Enter a unique name for the course. This is also the name that will be shown to the learners. Make sure to fill in which subenvironment the course belongs to.
To add users you will need user licences.
Subscription via learner group is interesting when learners are in a fixed group in which each learner takes the same courses. You can subscribe a learner group to a course at once. Before you can create a group, learners have to have an account in the system. How to add groups and manage them you can read in 'Managing groups'.