Once you have published a template, you can create courses to enroll learners.

A course is like a class for learners. You can spread learners across different classes by creating multiple courses.

Which role do you need?

Administrator or reseller

Why should I use multiple courses of the same template?

  • You offer blended learning courses with different groups of learners. You want to keep these groups separated.
  • Each group of learners has their own instructor(s), and you want to keep those separated.
  • You want to offer your learning journey to different customers. You can then create courses for specific subenvironments. Each course can also use its own look & feel.

1) Create a course

Click on under the Templates tab at a published template.

Alternatively, you can click on Edit of a (published) template. Then, select the tab Courses and click + Course.

2) Give your course a name and title

The course name has to be unique, and will be visible for designers, administrators, and instructors. The course title will be visible for learners.

3) Select the subenvironment

If you do not use subenvironments, you will see the name of your main environment here. In this case, you can skip this step.

If you use subenvironments, it is important that you are logged in to the subenvironment to which you want to link the course. When you enroll learners to the course and decide to send them a notification mail with login credentials, the mail will include a link to the environment you are currently logged in to.

All other notification mails will use the link of the subenvironment that was first linked to the course.

The choice of subenvironment is also important for your license overview. When a learner is enrolled for the first time, you can see in the license overview from which subenvironment this was done. 

4) Select learner group (optional)

Learner groups are useful if you have a fixed group of learners / employees that regularly have to be enrolled to the same courses.

You can link a learner group to a course. All learners in that learner group well then be enrolled to the course.

Important: if you add learners via a learner group, you cannot send a notification mail regarding the new course enrolment. 

You can also skip this step for now. If you want to link a learner group to the course at a later point, you can do so under the tab Learners in the course.

Useful articles for this step:
  • Creating learner groups

Next steps:

  1. Configure course
  2. Enrolling learners (unless you already enrolled learners via a learner group in step 3)
  3. Add instructors