What can I do on the Activity tab at the course settings?

Activate or deactivate activities and set which instructors can evaluate what assignments. Also manage conditions and notifications per activity.

Where can I manage the activities in a course?

Go to the Templates tab and expand the template. Click on the name of the course and go to the Activities tab.

How can I manage the activities?

Activate activities
Check the activities that should be visible to learners. Did you make a mistake in an activity? You can uncheck it here.

If you check the box here behind an acitivity, the instructor will receive a notification when the activity has been completed. The instructor must be able to receive notifications (you can check this in the tab 'Instructor').

Select Assessor
You can select one or more Assessors per activity by choosing them from the dropdownmenu .

If you have set up a condition which makes an activity available after a specific date, you can change this date by clicking .

Feedback date
If you have set up for an assessment that learners are allowed to see their score after a specific date, you can change this date in this screen.

Click Update to save the details.