• You want to have multiple classes / groups / departments partake in the same learning journey, each with their own instructors.
  • You also want to have the flexibility to move learners from one class / group / department to the other within the same course.
  • Furthermore, you want to link instructors to specific learners, so that the instructor can monitor the learner's progress and answer their questions.
  • You have a course with one instructor and many learners. By dividing learners into groups, the instructor can filter on groups at the statistics and while assessing.

Which role do you need?


1) Create a course

Go to the tab Templates and click on +Course next to the template. Enter only a name and (optionally) a title for the course. Do not select any learner groups yet, unless you have configured your template according to the description in the green box in step 2. 

2) Configure that new learners are not automatically linked to instructors

By default, when you subscribe a learner to a course, they are automatically linked to all instructors. This is not helpful if we want to link them to specific instructors, especially when you choose to follow the steps outlined in scenario A below. To change this, select the tab Settings of the course, disable the option Link new learners and instructors automatically, and click on Update to save your settings. 

You can already disable this option in the template settings. All courses of the template will then automatically use those settings. If your template is already configured this way, you can select the learner groups when creating your course.
You can find these settings by going to Templates, clicking on More next to the template and selecting Settings from the menu. 

3) Choose your scenario and subscribe learners

A) Use learner groups and linking those to instructors

If you want to separate learners within the same learning journey based on classes, departments, or location, you can sort them into learner groups. Afterwards, link a learner group to one or multiple instructors. Learners can only communicate with their instructors, and instructors do only see learners linked to them in any course-related statistics. 

Once a learner group is linked to a course, you cannot unlink it. Keep that in mind when linking learner groups! 

Learners in different learner groups are not separated from each other when they are subscribed to the same course. Keep that in mind in regards to the participant widget and discussion functionalities in a template. 

B) Subscribe individual learners and link them to an instructor

If you do not want to sort learners into learner groups, you can also subscribe them to a course individually and then link them to specific instructors. 

4) Add instructors to the course

5) Link instructors to learners

Scenario A: Linking a learner group

Select the tab Instructors. Tick the box next to an instructor and select Link group

Click the button Groups to see an overview of all learner groups the instructor is linked to. You can also see other instructors linked to a group by hovering your cursor over the black dot in the column 'Linked'.

Use the menu on the top of the page to navigate back to the previous page.

Scenario B: Link specific learners to instructors

In this scenario, it does not matter which tab you link. Select the tab Learners, tick the boxes in front of a learner and click Link to link them to an instructor.

Moving learners to another group

When a learner switches from one class or department to another, you also want to move them to the right learner group while the learner keeps their results. 

We explain how to do this in step 4) Moving learners to another group in the article Create and manage learner groups.

Tips and tricks

  • If you have multiple courses that has the same learners and instructors, you can make these settings the same for all courses. Check For all courses when unlinking or linking learners to instructors.
  • Place your cursor on the column Linked behind a learner. Then you will see which instructors are linked to this learner.
  • Instructors have a graduation cap icon to distinguish them from learners.
  • You can select multiple learners at the same time by clicking a checkbox and dragging over the other checkboxes: