Where can I find the course settings?

Go to the Templates tab and expand the template. Click the More button at the course and then Settings.

How can I change the course settings?

Course name: Fill in the name that is only visible on the backend. This name has to be unique. Edit the name by clicking on it.
Course title: The course title is only visible for the learners. This title does not have to be unique. Edit the title by clicking on it.
Description: Add a concise description.
Image: Add a image to the course that accompanies the description.


Overview of the course properties

Active: Make the course active when learners are allowed to take the course. When you create a course it is automatically active.
Target Learning Profile: It is possible to use different target learning profiles with each course. You need learning objectives for this function. Read more about target learning profiles in the article ' Learning objective profile targets and scoring'.

Learner properties

Here you find several options the learner can make use of or actions that are being taken once a course is finished.

Preservability properties

Set the start and end date of the course. A learner licence is valid for one year. If a learner still wants to access the course after a year, credits or a license will be charged again for this.

Memotrainer settings

Brush-up course allowed: If this is checked and the MemoTrainer settings are set to 'Test preparation' with a specific date, then after this date the settings will change to 'Knowledge maintenance'.
Learner is allowed to change MemoTrainer settings: The learner can change his personal MemoTrainer settings.

Advanced settings

External ID: When your environment is linked to another system, for example Micros, you can fill in the ID here to make sure the systems can communicate.
Look & feel: Edit the look & feel of this course. Read more about editing a theme.