Go to the Templates tab and expand the template. Click the Learners button at the course.

Which role do you need?

Administrator or reseller

What can I do on the Learner tab of the course settings?

  1. Enroll learners
  2. Add learner groups
  3. Add learners to a learner group
  4. Subscribe and unsubscribe learners
  5. Extend a subscription

a) Enroll learners

You can manuall add and enroll a new learner by clicking + Learner. Keep in mind that this will be subtracted from your available licenses.

If the learner already has an account in your learning environment, click Select learner to add the existing learner to the course.

b) Add learner groups

Click on Select group to add one or more learner groups to the course. All learners withint these groups will be added to the course.

Learners do not receive a notification mail when they are added via a learner group.

Adding a learner group to a course cannot be undone. Under Users --> Groups you can however remove learners from a learner group.

c) Adding learners to a learner group

It might be useful for you to add learners to a learning group, even if you do not need to use this feature for its typical uses. For example, if you want to create reports based on users, you can only filter based on learner groups.

If you want to add learners to a learner group from this page, increase the number of learners shown in the bottom right of the page.

This allows you to add learners to a new or existing learner group.

If you add learners to an existing group, they will also be enrolled to all courses the learning group is linked to.

d) Activating and unsubscribing learners

When you add a learner to a course, they receive the status 'new'. If you configured under the tab 'Settings' that the course is no longer available after a year, the year starts only once the learner has started with their learning journey. 

Tick the boxes in front of the names of learners with the status 'new' and click on Activate.  

Select Unsubscribe if you a learner is no longer allowed to participate in the course. The course will be shown as 'inactive' under 'Home' in the learning environment.

If you want to delete a course, you first have to deactivate all learners. You can do so by first activating all learners, and then unsubscribing them.