What can I do on the Learner tab of the course settings?

Manage learners in a course. See an overview of all learners and subscribe or unsubscribe them. You can also activate inactive learners.

Where can I manage the learners in a course?

Go to the Templates tab and expand the template. Click the Learners button at the course.

How can I manage learners in a course?

Click + Learner to add a new user to the environment and subscribe them to the course.

If the users already exist, click Select learner to subscribe them to the course. You will see a list of users that already have an account in the learning environment.

To unsubscribe a learner you can tick the learner and click Unsubscribe. If you want to activate learners, select them and click on Activate.

If you want to delete a course you have to make all learners inactive. You can do this by activating new learners and after that unsubscribing them.

Select one or more learners at a time by clicking and dragging your courses over the checkboxes. Next you can activate or unsubscribe those learners, or add them to a learner group.