Why is content created separately

Create questions and content parts that you can use in a course template. The content is seperate from the course structure so you only have to create it once and can use it in different course templates. Read more about the structure of the learning environment.

Step 1: Create a content library

Go to the tab Content and click on +Content Library. Give the Content Library a discernable name and click on Create. Read more about creating content libraries.

Note: Only Administrators can create content folders.

By clicking the More button you get several options. See the following articles:

Step 2: Add folders, questions and content parts

If you approach the content library via the the tab Content (not the case if you have just created a new content library), click on Manage to add questions and content parts. Read more about the structure of the learning environment.

Add folders

To maintain the overview in your content, you can create folders to place your questions and content parts in. Click +Folder and name this folder. To add a folder in this folder, again click +Folder to add one. Click Location to change the location of this folder.

Tip: Make folders related to your lessons and place the content related to this lesson in the folder. Encode them with ID's to order them. This saves a lot of clicking work when creating a course template!
Tip: The Designer creates learning objectives on template level. He can choose to add learning objectives all at once by using the folders that contain the questions. If this is relevant for your course, please pay attention to the names of the folders so in is similar to the learning objectives that will be used.

Add questions

Click +question to add a question to the folder. Add the title of the question and press enter to add an ID (this is optional, to make it easier for yourself to find this content part).

Choose a question type. See the article: What question type should I choose? if you need help choosing the right questions for your course.

Click Location to add the question to the right folder.

The chosen location will automatically be the location of your next question or content part.

Creating a Content Part

Click +Content part and fill in the title of the new content part. Press enter to type an ID (Optional and can be used as a pointer for yourself).

Choose one of the layouts. This is not a definite choice, once you start working with the content part, you can still easily change the layout. Click on Location to add the question to a specific folder. Then add the content part and if you want to, you can change it straight away.


You can Copy, Remove or Move a question, content part or folder by checking the question and clicking the button of your choice to accomplish that action.

If you want to move content to another library, you will have to export the content and import it into the other library. Read more about exporting and importing content.


You can rename questions, content parts or folders by clicking on More and choosing Rename.

Note: The designer creates learning objectives at the template level. He or she can choose to add learning objectives all at once by using the sub folders (third level) as the learning objective. If this is the case in your course, please pay close attention to the names of the sub folders.