Wherever you can enter text in aNewSpring you come across the editor. The features that are available in the editor depend on what text you edit. For example, learners see fewer features than the designer.

The author has most features avaiable and this article explains the most special features.

By hovering over a feature, a tooltip will show you the name of the feature.


Use the formatting styles to format the text. They are connected to the Look & Feel settings.

  • Normal = Text font under the heading Text fonts and colors

For content parts and questions created in the plus-editor, the settings under Content parts and plus editor will be applied.

  • Head 1 = Heading font
  • Head 2 = Subheading font
  • Head 3 = Sub-subheading font
  • Paragraph = Paragraph font

Numbered list

If you would like to number a list with this feature, each line will start with a number. You can change this by clicking the list with your right mouse button while keeping the CTRL / Command button pressed. Then click Numbered List Properties.

You can then choose:

  • Lower Roman
  • Upper Roman
  • Lower Alpha
  • Upper Alpha
  • Decimal

Bulleted list

If you use a bulleted list, you will see a circle by default. You can change this by clicking the list with your right mouse button while keeping the CTRL / Command button pressed.

After clicking Bulleted List Properties, you will get these options:

  • Circle
  • Square


Select a text and make a link to an external website.

Enter the URL and the editor automatically changes the protocol to HTTP or HTTPS.

If learners click the link, the website will be opened in a new window.

You can retrieve the link from the text by selecting it and clicking on the icon next to it.

LaTeX formula

You can add mathematical formulas using the LaTeX Editor. On the website https://www.codecogs.com/latex/eqneditor.php you can create formulas and put their code in the editor, so learners see the desired formula.

Add supporting file

Add e.g. a PDF or Word file as a supporting file so learners can download it.

Linking to another content part

Click this icon to refer to another content part. A link will appear; if clicked, the other content part appears in a pop-up.

Insert a table

After clicking the table icon, a pop-up will appear in which you can indicate how many rows and columns the table should consist of.

If you set Headings, the text in that row or column will be displayed as bold.

Once the table is in the editor, you can change settings afterwards by clicking the table with your right mouse button while keeping the CTRL / Command button pressed.

Because a table has a fixed layout, it will not automatically change size depending on the screen size. This means that the page might not be responsive. There is a chance that learners will have to scroll to see all data in the app or on a small screen.

Remove formatting

If you copy and paste text from Word, for example, the formatting will already be deleted. If there is still something left, then you can remove the formatting to make the text consistent with all other content parts and questions.


View the source code to enter the HTML mode of the editor and add HTML code yourself. By clicking Source again you return to the editor mode.

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