Where can I select content to use in a template?

Choose the Template tab in the main menu and click Edit behind the course template that you want to use.

How can I select content to use in a template?

Choose the Content Management tab.

If the content you want to use is not visible in this overview, then the content library which contains the content has to be linked first. To do this click on + Link content libraries. Select the content library (or several) you want to use and click on Update. The content of this content library is now visible in the overview

Next, select the content that you want to use in the template. When selected click on Update.

Through the various buttons it is possible to create a folder structure, but you can also add single content parts and questions.

  • + Folder: Here you can create a new folder where the new content sharing and questions can be added.
  • + Content part: Here you can add different content sections of different types.
  • + Question: With this button it is possible to make various types of questions.
You can deselect the content parts or questions that are not used in a published template.