Knowledge vs. evaluation type questions

For each question you can determine if it is a knowledge type question an evaluation type question. A knowledge type question needs to have correct (or incorrect) answer and has a score linked to it. Evaluation type questions do not. An evaluation type question can only be used in the inquiry, scan and 360 feedback activity types. Not all question types can be evaluation type questions.

Question types in aNewSpring

In the platform we offer various question types you can use in your training. At each question you can generate feedback, add images and audio. Also you can use the 'plus-editor', which allows you to add a video to a question for example. many more settings are available. Please check each question for all it's possibilities.

Below you will find a list of all questions.

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Response
  • Fill in the blanks - text
  • Fill in the blanks - drag & drop
  • Hotspot
  • Essay question
  • Matching
  • Matrix question (knowledge variety)
  • Matrix question (evaluation variety)

Multiple Choice (available for knowledge and evaluation types)

In a Multiple Choice question only a single answer can be marked as correct. This is the most standard question type used. 

Multiple Response (available for knowledge and evaluation types)

In a Multiple Response question, multiple answers can be marked as correct.

Fill in the Blank - text

In a 'Fill in the blanks - text' question type, a learner has to fill in a single missing or multiple missing words within a text. Each option can have a synonym.

Fill in the Blank - drag & drop

At the 'Fill in the blank - drag & drop' question, the words need to be dragged to their correct place within a text. Dummy answers can also be added.


In a Hotspot question, learners have to click on a specified area within an image. Do they click on the specified area? Then the answer is marked correct.

Essay question (available for knowledge and evaluation types)

At the essay question type, learners can give in a text as an answer to a question. The instructor or learner can grade the answer by using the model answer that you have provided.When used as an evaluation type question, the answer can be seen by the instructor and learner, but there is no option to grade it.


In a Matching question, a learner needs to drag the answers to form the correct combination. This can be a combination of sound, images and text.

Matrix (knowledge variety)

In a matrix question you can add multiple questions in a single overview. It includes a main question, with below sub questions. You have two options: a single set of answer possibilities for all sub questions, each sub question will have the same answer options.

Or multiple answer possibilities for each sub question. Each sub question will have different answer possibilities. When using this option, you can use multiple choice questions and multiple response questions per sub question as well.

Matrix (evaluation variety)

Please check out the article 'Evaluation matrix question'.