You can partially change the environment settings yourself. Anything missing in the list below that you would like to see different? Please ask our support team for help


To change the settings, first select the subenvironment where you want to make your changes. Do not forget to Update before making your changes. After you have made all your changes, choose Update again.

Look & feel

You can create a different look & feel for the learner environment by editing the theme. Click on Edit theme to start making changes. A article that will help you with it is found in the right-hand menu when you are on that page.

Advanced settings

Logo back-end environment
A user with the user role will see a different environment then users with other roles. Add a logo for the back-end that is not visible for the learner, but is for the others.

Access codes

When the checkbox Access code is checked, learners can use access codes to gain access to a new course. When the box is checked when logged out the access code block is also available on the login screen. This subsequently means that new users have the possibility to create an account first with their access code. This option only has to be turned on if you would like to subscribe learners with access codes.


Check the box to make your environment use HTTPS.


When you enable this option, other websites cannot embed your aNewSpring environment.

Help button

The help button as a standard for learners refers to the learner support site If you like you can also choose a form with an email. If learners click the help button a form will appear in which they can ask their question. Add an email adress to 'Email address'. It is also possible to add a custom url.

Editing email notifications

By clicking the button 'Edit e-mail contents' you can edit the text of the notifications that are being send to the learners from the platform. Read more about it in 'Editing notifications'.

Edit Course Part Player settings

You can alter a few Course Part Player settings.