• You would like to offer your learners the option to create notes while studying.
  • Learners take notes while watching videos and reading texts in the activities. They take notes based on interesting discussions with other learners and the instructors.
  • Learners can navigate quickly to pages that they would like to find again later by using the bookmarks that they've added in the notes.

Which roles do you need?

  • Tenant
  • Designer

1) Enable the notes feature in the environment

Go to the Settings tab and set the option to enabled under Additional features.

If you would like to turn this feature off again later, the notes that learners already made will be saved. The notes will not be visible anymore. You can always re-enable the option.

2) Enabling notes in the template

If you have enabled the notes feature in the environment, the setting will not automatically be enabled in existing templates.

You can enable this by going to the Templates tab and clicking Edit at a template. Under the Template settings tab you will find the option Note-taking for learners.

When you create a new template, this option will automatically be enabled.

3) Notes per activity

There is a setting to make notes available per activity. This is enabled by default in every type of activity, except for assessment activities.

Go to the Template tab and click Edit at the activity. Under the Properties tab you will find the option Allow learners to make notes in this activity.

How does this work for learners?

Now that the features is enabled, you can make notes in the activities. To try this out, click Update and test.

You will find the Notes on the left-hand side in the menu. When you open it, the first note will be created and a bookmark will automatically be added. This helps to easily find the question or content part that you are in when creating the note, wherever you are in the learning journey.

The notes will remain in the text editor while browsing through the pages in the activity. You can add bookmarks on whichever page you want by using the bookmark button.

Entered text will automatically be saved.

Click the + to add multiple notes. You can find all notes by clicking More >.

This is the first version of the note feature. We have scheduled another release after this one in which we will add the following:

  • A higher level overview of all notes and where you can find them.
    In the current version, you will only find them in the activities.
  • The option to print notes.