In aNewSpring it is possible to have multiple environments under the main environment. Each subenvironment has its own (sub)domain, that can also have a separate Look and Feel. The users will feel like they enter a separate environment, but they still visit the same backend. Each course is linked to a subenvironment. This has the following consequences:

  • Only demo courses connected to that specific reseller are shown on that subenvironment
  • You can create access code and access groups per subenvironment
  • Each subenvironment has its own catalogue. Courses need to be set in the right subenvironment to be visible for the right group of people
  • In the licence overview it is possible to see the amount of licences used per subenvironment

You can request a subenvironment by sending us an email at Please send us the following information:

  • The URL to your main environment
  • The title of the new subenvironment
  • The URL for the subenvironment. We take the URL of the main environment as a basis. For example: We would like to receive what we should place before the hyphen.