What are Sections?

With sections, you can create a table of contents within lesson and documentation activities. You create folders within the activity, which contain content parts and/or questions. For the learner, it is visible in the course overview and on the left-hand side within the activity. The sections form links, which directly bring the learners to the relevant content.

Where do I create Sections?

Click on Edit next to a Lesson or Documentation activity. At the tab Activity content, you will find the option Move to section. Select the content you want to place in a section and choose Move to section. Using this option, you can also remove content from sections or place them in a different section. A section can be removed by selecting 'More' and then delete it in the activity content overview.


You can find the sections at lesson and documentation activities here.

Sections at the learner side look as below. The sections also form links to the specified content.

Sections within the activity look as follows. This also functions as a table of contents (with links).