You can subscribe learners in multiple ways, but it all starts with publishing your template. Check out the following three steps to learn how to do this.

1. Publish your template

Before you can start subscribing your learners, your template needs to be published first. Important note: When the template is published, some settings and features cannot be changed later without depublishing the template again.

  • How do I publish my template?

2. Create a course

To subscribe learners, you will need to create a course first. Important note: When creating a course, you also see the option 'Select learner group'. This is not mandatory and is linked to a specific method of subscribing learners. Only use this if it is applicable to your situation (see step 3).

  • How do I create a course?

3. Subscribe learners

After creating a course, you can subscribe learners using several methods. Each method allows you to send subscription notifications to the learners:

  • Add learners manually and subscribe them. When the user has been created, you can subscribe the learner from the 'Learner' tab. Alternatively, when you go to the course and then to the 'Learners' tab, you can subscribe new learners by choosing +Learner
  • Import learners and subscribe them immediately using Excel. To subscribe the learners directly while importing them, it is important that you use the column 'Course'.
  • Use access codes to let learners subscribe themselves. When you use access codes, make sure the access code box is available on the login screen. To do so, you need the Tenant-role. Go to 'Settings' -> ' Advanced settings' -> Select 'Enabled' at the access code option -> Update.
  • Subscribe via learner group(s). In some cases a learner group can provide an answer to your subscription needs. For example, if you want to subscribe the same users to different courses or when you have a specific class you need to subscribe.
  • Linking to and subscribing via our API (only for advanced users with an external registration system/program)


When you subscribe learners, you will need licences. When the message 'There is not enough balance to enroll' appears, you have an insufficient number of licences to complete the subscriptions. In this case, you can contact the tenant admin of the environment. The tenant can buy licences directly from the 'Settings' tab. It is also possible to contact us if you want to buy licences. For example, when you want to pay via an invoice.