• You are about to create a new learning journey. You want to select the right functionalities to support your learning journey's goal.
  • During the creation of the template you decide that you still want to turn functionalities on or off.
  • The template has been published and you discover that you still want to turn certain functionalities on or off.

Which role do you need?


First create a template or click the Templates tab and click Edit at an existing template. Then go to the Template settings tab.

Based on the template's chosen purpose, you will see different functionalities. For this article, we select the purpose "To create a learning journey". This allows us to see all possible functionalities.

If you have selected the "To create learning journey" purpose, you can turn it into a demo as long as you have not selected more than 15 questions and content parts in the template. You can see how many questions and content parts are selected in a template by selecting the tab Content Management in the template.

If you only want to use the MemoTrainer, you can remove all blocks and activities from the template.

Retention training with the MemoTrainer

Disable this option if you do not want to use the MemoTrainer.

Show MemoTrainer statistics
Disable this option to hide progression bars related to the MemoTrainer (for example retention).

See also: What is the MemoTrainer?

Interaction between learners

Direct messaging between learners
Allows learners to send each other private messages.

Discussion board on course overview
Learners can share information, ask questions and discuss in the course overview. In addition, they can also communicate with each other in the activities, provided you indicate this in the activity settings.

Discussion board within activities
Allow learners to discuss with each other within the activities. You can then turn this off per activity.

Learners receive e-mail notifications of all discussions, even if they didn't partake in the discussion
If you disable this option, learners will only receive notifications for discussions they have participated in.

User profiles
Learners see an list of all instructors and fellow learners on the right side of their course overview. If you enable user profiles, learners can use this overview to see biographies other learners have added to their profile.

A scoreboard that shows the students how they performed in comparison to other learners
Enabling this option will show a scoreboard to learners in the results screen of assignments and assessments. Rankings will also be shown in the learner widget on the right in the learning journey if you use learning objectives within activities.

Learning journey with instructors

Instructors can interact with learners. This allows them to assess assignments, manage calendar items, and send messages.

If you disable this option, you cannot add 360° feedback activities to your template.

Allow learners to communicate with instructors
Enabling this option allows learners to message instructors, or to ask questions about specific pages within an activity.

Planning options for activities and blocks in the calendar
Allows learners to create their own planning for completing activities. The planning will be visible in the learner's calendar.

Additional functionalities

Note-taking for learners
You only see this option when the Notes feature is enabled in the settings of your environment. Allow learners to create notes while studying.

Enable a more compact style for the learning journey. Activities are displayed in smaller blocks and there is no vertical line
This option adjusts the design of the learning journey. Learners will see a simplified design, without a vertical "learning line".

See also: Create a knowledge base with compact styling and without a learning journey learning line.

Hide new activities and blocks in the activity and results overview pages when they are not yet available
With this setting, activities and blocks that are still locked by conditions are hidden in the learning journey of the learners. Uncheck this option if you want to give the learners a preview of what the whole journey consists of. There is a lock for these activities.

Show activity suggestions for objectives in the learning journey
If you use an adaptive learning journey, learners can see suggestions for activities that are used to achieve an objective per learning objective in their objectives overview. They can then start that activity directly from this overview.

Screenreading service
You only see this option if ReadSpeaker is enabled in your environment. When this is turned on, the text of the questions and content parts is read to the learners. This way learners with a visual impairment can follow the course well.

Once the template has been published, you can no longer adjust the 'screenreading service'. 

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