Tags help authors, designers, resellers and administrators in aNewSpring to create a better overview of their content, templates, courses and events.


  • Submanagement is enabled in the learning environment. A tag collection has been created for each subenvironment and can only be used by administrators that are also linked to that subenvironment.
  • You have resellers that all manage their own courses. By assigning a tag collection to each reseller, they can create tags as they like and add them to courses, without these tags being visible to other users.

You can find more scenarios for templates, courses and content in the Related articles mentioned at the end of this article.

Which roles do you need?

  • Administrator
    Can create tag collections and assign permissions to the right users.

What is a tag collection?

All created tags can be found in a tag collection. You can create multiple collections with tags and ensure that not everyone has to see all tags that have been created in aNewSpring.

1) Add a tag collection

Go to the Templates, Content or Events tab and click Tag collections.

There is a standard collection called 'Tags' that all users with the administrator, designer and/or reseller role have permissions for.

In this example we will add a tag collection that not all users can use.

Click + Tag collection to add a new tag collection. 

Only you have access to this collection.

Collections can only be deleted when the tags are not in use anymore.

2) Assign administrator rights to more users

Click Manage to give access to more users.

In this list, you will only see users with the administrator, designer and/or reseller role.
With administrator rights, they can create, manage tags in this collection and link them to templates and courses.

Click Update to save your changes and go back to the overview of your Templates.

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