• When you want to clean up the environment to delete templates and content.
  • The template is not set up right.
    Not every setting is editable after a template is published. Much can be solved by replacing an activity, but sometimes that is not an option, because, for example, all conditions are not set correctly.

Necessary roles to perform this tutorial

Administrator, designer, author and reseller.

Everything that has been linked to the course template after it was published, has to be unlinked or removed, in order to delete the template itself.

The following can be linked to the course template:

  • Courses
  • Learners
  • Catalogue products

Step 1: Unsubscribe learners

Role: Administrator

Go to the Templates tab and expand the template. Click on the name of the course and go to the Learners tab.

Learners with the status 'new' first have to be Activated. Use the 'select all' checkbox and click on .

When you subscribed a lot of learners to this course, you can set the view to 500.

Next up: step 2

Step 2: Remove the courses

Role: Administrator

Return to the tab Templates and choose Delete when opening the button More at the course you need to remove. Go to step 4.
When it is not possible to delete the course, continue to step 3.

Step 3: Remove the catalogue product

Role: Reseller

Click on Catalogue under the Reseller tab. When opening the button More you are now able to Depublish and Remove the catalogue product.


To find out which catalogue products are linked to which access code groups, you can click on the small black dot in the column Used.
These groups have to be removed before you are able to delete the rest of the list.

Click on the product to Depublish and then, via the button More, click on Remove.

Step 4: Depublish and delete the template

Role: Designer

Click More after the template and select Depublish.

Once the template is depublished, you are able to delete it.

Step 5: Delete the content (library)

Roles: Administrator (delete the library), Author (delete content parts / questions) 

When you want to remove a content library or specific content, you have to unlink the templates first. If the linked template has already been deleted, this action can be done immediately.

When 'deleting' is not possible, check the in use column at the tab Content.

Click on the link to go directly to the tab Content in the template. Unlink the content at this page.