• You have a group of learners that you want to subscribe the same courses.
  • You want to divide your employees into groups to easily register them for the learning journeys that apply to their function.
  • You want to have multiple classes / groups / departments partake in the same learning journey, each with their own instructors.
  • You also want to have the flexibility to move learners from one class / group / department to the other within the same course.
  • You want to create a report for a specific group of learners.

Which role do you need?


Go to the Users tab and click Groups. Go to the Learners tab.

1) Create a learner group

Click +Learner group and fill in the name in the popup.

2) Create a group in a group

You can place a group in an existing group, which is very useful if you have a number of courses that everyone should be subscribed to and also some course that you only want to subscribe a specific group to, like in this example:

3) Add learners to the group

Click the Add button to place learners in the group.

If you link the group 'All learners' to the course, all 7 learners will be subscribed. If you only link 'Sector A' to the course, only the first 3 learners will be subscribed.

4) Moving learners to another group

It might happen that you have to move a learner from one group to the other. This might be due to a learner switching classes or departments.

To move a learner to another group, click first on Add in the new group, and then on Remove in the old group. 

Once this is done, choose option 2 as described below under Remove the learner from the group and from the linked courses. 

Unlinking learners - general

You can unlink learners one by one in the overview. Or click Edit at a group, then you can unlink learners as a bulk action.

You have 3 options:

  • Only remove the learner from the group.
    The subscription(s) will be saved.
  • Remove the learner from the group and from the linked courses.
    The progress will be saved and the subscription status will change to 'expired'.
  • Remove the learner from the group and from the linked courses, and delete the progress of those courses.
    In this case the courses that are linked to a group will be removed. All results will be removed.

Wouldyou like to unlink multiple learners, but not all? You can click and drag the checkboxes: 

Link the subenvironment and other settings

This step is optional. If you link a subenvironment, users with the reseller role (that also have access to the subenvironment) can link the group to a course they create.

Go to the group and click More and Link subenvironments.

Gives access to...

Below you will find the courses that are linked to the learner group.

External ID

Fill this in if you want to import learners into a group. 

Using a learner group in reports

You can also link a learner group to report on this in a custom report. You can select the group at step 4 Filter.

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