Last step: Assigning roles and rights to users.

The designer can create a template with the content from a content library. Assign them to libraries that should be used in the template.

1) Assign the designer to the right content libraries

Click +Content library, choose the content libraries in the popup and click Update.

Please note: If you would like to give a designer access to an existing template, it is important to add them to all content libraries that are linked to that template. To see which ones are linked, it would be best to assign yourself the designer role and give yourself rights for all the libraries. Then you can go to the Templates tab --> click the Edit button at the template --> Content tab to see which content libraries are linked.
Tip: If you assign the author role to a designer, you can create content directly in the content library from the template and the activity. This way the newly created content can be added to the right activity right away.

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