Which role do you need?


Under the Users tab you will find three tabs where you can find the users of aNewSpring. The Active, Inactive and Archived tab.

Active tab

Most users will have the active status. They can simply log into aNewSpring and execute what they have been granted the rights to.

Inactive tab

Users who are inactive can't log in to aNewSpring.

A learner gets this status if an account has been created, but the confirmation link has not yet been clicked in the confirmation email. If the link is not clicked within 48 hours, the account will be deleted.

Sometimes it happens that the confirmation email is blocked by, for example, the firewall. As an administrator, you can manually set the learner to active by selecting them and clicking Activate . The account is then moved to the 'Active tab' and the learner can log in with the login details they have chosen.

Tab Archived

Users who have been archived can't log in to aNewSpring.

If the setting Licence is renewable is unchecked in the learner's account, the account will be archived if there is still an active subscription after that year. This is to prevent an extra licence, or 'Renewal', being charged.

You can always remove learners from the archive.

If the learner is archived due to the renewal, first tick the 'License is renewable' checkbox in the learner's details. Otherwise the learner will be archived again.

Are you trying to find a learner?

Then use the search bar and use the following tips:

  • Put a * after your search term if you don't know the full name. For example: And *
  • If you only know an email address, you can put this between quotes, so that you also search within fields of personal data. For example "support@anewspring.com"

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