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When a learner is subscribed to a course, it will cost one licence that is valid for a year. The licence year will start once the learner starts the course. If there is still an active subscription after a year, it will cost another licence. This doesn't happen easily, because by default a course is set to be available for a year. This happens especially:

  • when a course is available for more than a year,
  • a learner has been subscribed to multiple courses.

If you would like to prevent these 'renewals', you can uncheck the option Licence is renewable under the Details tab.

1) Subscribe the learner to a course

Click +Subscription and choose one or more courses from the popup and click Update.


Do you want to subscribe learners to multiple courses? The order in which you check the courses will also be the order of the list with courses in the notification they receive.  

2) or a learner group

If you would like to subscribe them to an existing learner group, click +Group. The learner will immediately be subscribed to all course that are linked to that group.

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