it is possible via a work around to 'replace' activities or blocks in a published course template. It is always possible to add activities and blocks to a published template:

  • You can copy an activity and change the contents and/or settings. You can also create a new activity.
  • Next publish the new activity in the template by clicking on the globe icon () or when editing the activity by clicking on Publish.
  • Once published, change the name of the 'wrong' activity (for example to 'Old') and change the name of the new activity to the original name of the activity you were using.
  • The last step is deactivating the old activity and activating the new one in the courses where te activities are being used. Read how at the bottom of this article.
The old activity is now no longer visible for the learners. This also means that the progress on the old activity is no longer visible for them.
You can also copy the whole template and make the changes there. This template will be published separately and so will be the new courses created to this template.