• You would like to activate subscribed learners so they continue their learning journey.
  • You would like to encourage learners to finish a certain activity.
  • You would like to notify learners of a subscription that is about to expire.

Necessary roles


Navigate to the tab Templates and select Edit. Next, go to the tab Notifications. 

1) Create a notification

Click + Notification and edit the name so you can easily identify it. At this page you can (de)activate the notification whenever you want. If the learner receives the notification, you can notify instructors about this; they will receive the same email with the explanation that they are receiving a copy.

Only instructors for whom the 'notification' checkbox is enabled in the settings of the course will receive a copy. See also the article Course settings - Tab: Instructors.

2) Choose the condition

It is easier to first choose the condition, so you can base the text on the condition that will send learners the notification.
Click +Condition. Enter a digit in the input box and choose days, weeks, months or years in the dropdown menu.
If you would like to send learners multiple reminders to make them start a learning journey, for example after 1 week and after 2 weeks, you will have to set two separate notifications.

3) Choose the language

You can set the notification in multiple languages. The learner will only receive it in the language that their account is set to.

4) Enter a subject and text for the notification.

You can place multiple parameters in the text to personalise it. We have already added two for you. Here you will see a list of what else you can use.

${user.firstName}First name
${user.middleName}Middle name
${user.lastName}Last name
${user.fullName}Full name
${user.formalName}Last name, first name
${user.salutation}Full name or external ID
${environment.title}Title ofenvironment
${environment.fromAddress}Standard sender environment
${link.url}Link to the environment in which someone has been subscribed.

Click Update to save your changes. If a template has been published, you can still edit, add or remove notifications.

5) Set up a course completing activity

If you have set up a notification that will be sent once a learner hasn't been active for 2 weeks, you would want to prevent that learners who have already finished are also going to receive this notification. To prevent this, you can set up a Course completing activity. After finishing that activity, the system will see the course as completed. You can find this setting by going to the Template settings tab, at Advanced settings.

You could add a special 'course completing activity' to the template that will become available after all other activities have been finished. This way you know that learners can only open this completing activity once they have finished the rest of the course.