Below you will find the column names that you can use for the user import file. You can use for example this file:

Gender - Optional
Enter a gender here, the given options are "male" and "female". Other options will result in an error.

Title - Optional
This is the title, e.g. "Mr."

ExternalID - Optional
If you use our API or an external system, you will need to enter an external ID here.

FirstName - Mandatory
Enter the first name here.

MiddleName - Optional
Enter the middle name here.

LastName - Mandatory
Enter the last name here.

Login - Mandatory
Enter the email address of the learner. Or enter the login name if the learning environment is set up to not log in with email addresses.

Password - Optional
Enter the password here.

Tip: Let the system generate passwords by choosing 'Generate password' when importing.

ForcePasswordChange - Optional
Fill in "yes" if you want to force users to change password on first login.

Renewable - Optional
Fill in "no" if you don't want the user to be renewable.

Email - Optional
Enter the e-mail address here.

Initials - Optional
Enter the initials here.

Function - Optional
Enter the function of someone within a company.

Company - Optional
Enter the name of the company.

DateOfBirth - Optional
Enter the date of birth.

Warning: The correct format is yyyy-mm-dd. Excel will automatically adjust this when opening the file. Choose a Text-format in excell rather then a Date-format. This will help get the formating for the date of birth right. Please make sure you're saving this in the right format, before importing.

TelephoneNumber - Optional
Enter the telephone number.

CellPhoneNumber - Optional
Enter the cellphone number.

Address - Optional
Enter the address.

Zip - Optional
Enter the ZIP/Postal code.

Residence - Optional
Enter the place of residence.

Country - Optional
Enter the country.

Custom1 - Optional
If aNewSpring added an extra field to your learning environment, you can enter the value for this field here.

Custom2 - Optional
This works the same way as Custom1 and Custom2.

Custom3 - Optional
This works the same way as Custom1 and Custom3.

Role - Optional
Fill in the role of the user. If you don't fill in anything, the user will be a learner by default. These are the options:

Please note: Using the import, it's possible to add learners to a course and instructors or mentors to a group. You can import users with other roles, but you will have to manually link them to content libraries and/or templates.
Please note: If you want to subscribe an existing instructor to a course, you will explicitly have to definte the role STUDENT. This will not overwrite the instructor role, but it will add the learner role.

Course - Optional
Enter the name of the course with the exact same spelling (and spaces/special characters). When importing, the user, despite their role, will be subscribed to the course as a learner. Don't fill in this column if you only want to upload users to the learning environment, without subscribing them to a course.

Tip: Do you want to subscribe a learner to multiple courses? Create multiple rows for the same person. You can also choose to make multiple Excel files per course and import them separately.

Locale - Optional
You can specify a language for the learner. If you leave this column empty, the default language of the learning environment will be used.
These are the options:

  • da (Danish)
  • de (German)
  • en (will be automatically British English)
  • en_GB (British Engels)
  • en_US (American Engels)
  • es (Spanish)
  • fr (French)
  • it (Italian)
  • nl (Dutch)
  • pl (Polish)
  • sv (Swedish)
  • zh (Simplified Chinese)
Please note: It's possible that one of these languages has not been enabled for your learning environment yet. Send an email to so we can enable it.

Group - Optional
Add learners, instructors or mentors to an existing group. To do this, fill in the group ID. If you use this option, fill in 'STUDENT', 'TEACHER' or 'MENTOR' in the 'Role' column to import the user to the right group.

SubEnvironment - Optional
Add the name of the sub environment to link users to it. You can find it at the tab Settings when you have the tenant role. This will only work when you are using submanagement in aNewSpring.

Tip: The personal details above are not all visible to users by default. We can turn this options on and off. If you contact us, we would like to know
- for whom: administrator, instructor, learner and/or in the profile (also visible to other learners)
- if the field should be visible, editable and/or mandatory.


Save the file as CSV.

Next step:

  • Import the users in aNewSpring.