Read more about the MemoTrainer: 'What is the MemoTrainer?'.

After questions have been made available for the MemoTrainer, the MemoTrainer settings can be set.


Choose the Templates tab in the main menu and click on Edit behind the template where you want to configure the MemoTrainer.

Choose the Template tab and click Settings in the MemoTraining widget.


Learning objective settings

If you use objectives in the MemoTrainer, questions with the same MemoTrainer objective are interchangeable with each other. The knowledge intake consists of objectives. For example, learners can answer one question incorrectly from a list of 10 questions with the same MemoTrainer objective. This one incorrect question will probably be replaced in a new MemoTraining with another question that has the same objective. Only one question per learning objective will be given in a single MemoTraining.

If you do not use MemoTrainer objectives, the questions are not interchangeable with each other and learners should answer all questions correctly to get a knowledge intake of 100%.

In 'Linking objectives to questions in the MemoTrainer' you can learn how to link objectives to questions in the MemoTrainer.

Training type

Test preparation: The intensity of the MemoTrainings will be adjusted to the time left for the learner to reach the Training level.
Knowledge maintenance: Choose this option if there is no fixed exam date. The learner will continue to receive MemoTrainings until their course expires.

Training level

The level determines how intense the MemoTraining is. The higher the level, the more often questions will be repeated in the MemoTrainer.

Every time you answer a question correctly, it will be marked as such. If answers are repeatedly correct, they will no longer be asked in the MemoTrainer. This is dependent on the level you set. 'No repetition'; only answer it right once, up and until 'Excellent'; answer the question right 6 times in a row. If a learner answers the question incorrect and the sequence is therefore not completed, the sequence will be reset.

Possibilities during a MemoTraining™

Back to alter answers allowed: Learners can go back to alter the answers to questions. They can do this by clicking the 'Previous' button. Or by clicking the numbers in the navigation in bottom part of the screen. If the option is unchecked, learners will only see the 'Next' button in the bottom-right part of the screen.

Skip questions: Learners do not necessarily need to answer a question. Unanswered questions will be marked incorrect once the learner hands in the answers.
Has this option been unchecked? Then there will be a pop-up the moment the learner tries to skip a question and it will warn them that they can only continue when they answer the question first.

Back to overview (continue later): Learners will see the button 'Back to overview'. The activity can be continued another time.