The MemoTrainer offers learners short trainings daily. This is a smarter way of learning.

Daily retention training

Everyone knows that knowledge easily fades. The MemoTrainer activates knowledge that is on the verge of being forgotten, by offering short trainings daily. This way this information will enter the long term memory of the learner with minimal effort.

From weak to strong points!

The MemoTrainer will decide which topics the learner does not master so well yet based on scores. These topics will be trained more to get knowledge to the desired level.

Train towards an exam date

The MemoTrainer can train towards an exam date. The learner or instructor enters the exam date, after which the learner can still decide on which days they would like to train. Next the learner receives MemoTrainings with exactly those topics that require extra attention, so they are well prepared in time for the exam.

Extra practices

A learner can also create extra practices to get rid of bottlenecks in the knowledge intake. The learner will get an overview of their strengths and weaknesses in one overview and they can choose which topics the practice should cover.

Study wherever you want

Thanks to the aNewSpring app for iPhone, iPad and Android, learners can easily keep up their knowledge intake or practice for an exam while on the go. Of course the MemoTrainer works in every common browser, this way learning stays easily accessible and fun.