Extra practices are exercises for learners on top of the MemoTrainings. Extra practices also effect the knowledge intake. Read more about the MemoTrainer here: 'What is the MemoTrainer'.


Choose the Templates tab in the main menu and then click Edit behind the template where you want to change the settings.

Is the widget not visible? Then it has to be added first. Learn here how to do this: 'Manage widgets'.



Work in advance allowed
This way learners can answer extra questions as well as work in advance with MemoTrainings. Working in advance with MemoTrainings means that the learner can practice questions that should have already been trained according to the repetition scheme. It is possible that they haven't been trained yet, because maybe a learner only gets a maximum of 10 questions per day.

Already answered questions allowed
These are questions that learner already answered in a MemoTraining, assignment or assessment. By checking this option, these questions can also be selected by the learner for extra practices.

Extra questions

You can add questions to the extra practices that do not appear in activities or MemoTrainings. You can either select them of add the via +Question. You can name the new question and give it an ID.