If you want to use the MemoTrainer in your learning journey, you can choose to use the learning objectives for training.

First a few facts:

  • The MemoTrainer is intended to get learning material into the long term memory.
  • There will be max 1 MemoTraining per day.
  • There will be max 1 question about a learning objective per MemoTraining.
  • Without learning objectives, the same question will be repeated. With learning objectives this repetition is about the learning objective, so the learner will get a different question about that objective each time.
  • The intervals between the repetitions will get larger each time that a question is answered correctly.
  • The learning objective will be repeated until the selected training level has been reached. You will find this in the knowledge intake bar that will reach 100%.
  • The knowledge intake indicates which percentage of the total amount of knowledge is already at the indicated training level.

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Choose the Templates tab and click Edit after the template in which you want to link the learning objectives to the MemoTrainer. Choose the Blocks & Activities tab and click Link learning objectives in the MemoTrainer widget.

You can only set up MemoTrainer objectives, when questions have been selected for the course.

1) Link objectives the questions

In the overview you can see all questions that are in use in the template. Per question you can link one learning objective.

Linking objectives

Select questions and choose an objective from the dropdown menu. If the objective is not yet in this list, you can add it by writing a new one in the text field and clicking the green plus.

Unlinking objectives

Select one or multiple questions that have been linked to an objective. Click X Disconnect learning objective.

Did you follow step 2 and 4 of the tutorial 'How do I create a course that adapts to the learner'? Then you can link the questions to objectives all at once by clicking 'Use the name of the folder from the content library which contains questions as objective'.

Tips for creating learning objectives

- Formulate a specific learning objective

Questions are interchangeable when you use learning objectives, so the MemoTrainer will work best if you make the learning objectives specific. For example, in a language course, a learning objective like Spelling is not specific enough, because it contains many elements. It would be better to create smaller objectives, like Interpunction, Diminutives, et cetera.

- Create a sufficient amount of questions per learning objective

By creating many questions per learning objective, you can make sure that learners will get a different question in the MemoTrainer each time.

2) Other MemoTrainer settings

Click Settings in the MemoTrainer widget and check the option Use learning objectives for a MemoTraining.

Consider how you would like to set up the Training level. If you set it to Excellent, the learner will have to make a streak of 6 correct answers on questions about that learning objective.
If the streak gets broken by answering a question incorrectly, the learner will have to start over at 0. You will find this in the knowledge intake percentage, because it will go down.
If learning objectives are very specific (a mathematics example: sums +1), this training level might be too high and it might be better to choose Adequate, which requires a streak of 3 correct answers to reach 100% on an objective.