If you want to use the MemoTrainer in a course, you can choose to use the learning objectives to train on (What are learning objectives?).

Questions with the same learning objectives are interchangeable with each other. The knowledge intake will be built up from objectives. To give an indication: It can happen that in a MemoTraining a learner answers one question incorrectly from a list of 10 questions with the same MemoTrainer objective. Because of this one mistake a next MemoTraining will be made up from other questions that were answered correctly of the same objective.

If there are no MemoTrainer objectives in use, the questions are not interchangeable with each other and learners will have to answer all questions correctly to get a knowledge intake of 100%.

Where do I link the objectives to the MemoTrainer?

Choose the Templates tab and click Edit behind the template where you want to link the learning objectives to the MemoTrainer. Choose the Blocks & Activity tab and click Link learning objectives in the MemoTrainer widget.

You can only set up MemoTrainer objectives, when questions have been selected for the course.

How do I link the objectives to the Memotrainer?

In the overview you can see all questions that are being used in the template. Per question you can link a learning objective.
Click Use folder name from content library to add multiple objectives at once. The names of the learning objectives are the sub folders that have been created in the content.

Linking objectives

Select questions and choose an objective from the dropdown menu. If the objective is not yet in this list, you can add it by writing a new one in the text field and clicking the green plus.

Unlinking objectives

Select one or multiple questions that have been linked to an objective. Click X Disconnect learning objective.

Only one objective can be linked per question.