• There are questions in the MemoTrainings that are no longer relevant.
  • You find out that you no longer want to offer the MemoTrainer to learners at all

Which role do you need?


Click Edit under the Templates tab. Under the tab Template you will find the MemoTrainer widget on the right. Click Directly MemoTrainable questions.

A) Deactivate specific questions

Open the folder structure to go to the question and click Deactivate via More. The dot in the 'Active' column will then also disappear.

Click Update to save the changes.

It is very important not to tick the questions or folders first, because that way you can make questions directly MemoTrainable after clicking Update.

Reactivate questions

Questions that are no longer active, you can reactivate by clicking More and then Activate.

B) Disable all questions in the MemoTraining

If you do not want learners get any MemoTraining at all, you can click More on each folder to Deactivate all the questions in that folder.

If you deactivate questions, MemoTrainings that are already ready for participants will not be adjusted / removed retrospectively. The changes will be taken into account in the next MemoTraining.

Further settings to get the MemoTrainer out of the learning journey

In order not to confuse learners with MemoTrainer features that they do not use, you can do the following.

1) Remove the MemoTrainer widget

Go back to the template and click the X at the MemoTrainer widget.

You can always put it back by using the dropdown menu next to the + Widget button.

2) Turn off the MemoTrainer statistics

The results overview shows standard graphs that are filled when MemoTrainings are completed. Learners will see the knowledge intake progress bar by default in the progress widget.

Deselect the Show MemoTrainer statistics check box under the Template settings tab.