• You would like to add instructors and/or mentors to a course.

What role do you need?


Only using groups, you can link instructors and mentors to a course. The advantage of this is that you only have to create the group with instructors and / or mentors once and then link it to several courses.

1) Create the instructor/mentor group

Click under the Users tab. You will see a tab per group and the interaction works the same in both tabs. Click + Instructor group or + Mentor group and fill in the name in the popup.


2) Add the instructors/mentors to the group

Click the Add button to place them in a group.

Isn't the user in the list? Then first give him the right role.

3) Unlinking instructors/mentors

If you have accidentally linked the wrong user to a group, you can click Remove. Or click Edit at a group, then you can unlink instructors/mentors in bulk.

You can check multiple checkboxes at once by clicking and dragging.

Link the subenvironment and other settings (optional)

This step is optional. If you link a subenvironment, users with the reseller role (that also have access to that subenvironment) can link the group to a course they create.

To do this, click More and Link subenvironments.

Has access to ...

Below you will find the courses that are linked to the group.

External ID

Fill this in if you want to import instructors or mentors to a group.

4) Add the group to a course

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