• You want to invite learners for a day of practice, exam moment in the class, an online event, a webinar or another organised event.
  • The event is held on multiple days/times and you want to give learners the opportunity to choose a time.
  • You want to register which learners will attend and when.
  • You want to set a minimum amount of participants for an event, so it will only happen when that number is reached.
  • You want to set a limit for the amount of learners that can participate.

Necessary roles to do this

Administrator and Designer

Because you can make an event available in multiple learning journeys, you will set this up at a higher level. Go to the tab Events.

1) Create an event

Click + Event to create a new event.

2) Determine the event type

In this article we assume an event that takes place physically. But take a look at the article Organizing an online event.

3) Enter the details of the event

Give the event a description, date, time and location.   

Limit unenrolment

Set a period in which a learner can unsubscribe from an event. Learners can only unenrol until the end of the set time period, once the set time period is finished, learners are unable to unenrol.

Video conferencing or webinar link

You can also organise your event online as a webinar. If learners have enrolled, they can open the event activity and click "Join" to open the webinar in a new tab.

If you don't want to use this, you can leave this field empty.

This feature only works with external webinar tools. You can use any tool that offers a single link for everyone to use to join the same webinar or online meeting. These are examples of tools that you can use:

If every learner should use a unique link, unfortunately this is not supported.

Learners first have to enrol themselves for the event before they can join the webinar. You can offer them multiple dates and times to choose from. If you simply want to add a single webinar to your learning journey, you could use the webinar activity for this.

Minimum and maximum

Minimum is the minimum amount of registrations that is necessary to hold the event. The participant can see if there are enough participants.
At maximum you can indicate the maximum amount of learners that can register. When that has been reached, no new registrations will be accepted.

4) Link instructors to the event

You can do this at the tab Instructor by clicking Select instructor. These people can view the event (under the tab Instruct --> tab Events) and see which learners have registered.

If something has been set up at Assessment (see below), instructors can also assess the event.

Instructors also have the option to edit the video conference or webinar link.

Articles that can help with this step: Assign roles and rights to users

5) Set up the assessment (optional)

Under the tab Assessment you can indicate if learners need to be assessed for the event. This is turned off by default (No assessment). 

Attendance registration

Choose for Attendance if you want to use the event for attendance registration. Learners will be assessed with 'Present' or 'Absent'.

When an instructor has assessed the event for a learner, the learner will receive a notification.

6) Set the right status for the event

At the top of the page, you can change the Event status. By default, this is set to Unconfirmed, if you know for sure that the event will be held, you can set it to Confirmed. Or you can set it to Cancelled to cancel the event. Registered learners will receive a notification by mail about any change of the status.

The user that has the 'Tenant' role can change the text of the notifications called 'Event status updated' and 'Event assessed'. See Editing notifications.

By default, Enrolment is set to Open. By setting it to Closed, learners can't register for the event anymore.

7) Create an event activity in the template

This is a step for the designer. Click the tab Templates and then the button Edit at the template that should have the event. Click and choose Event. If the template had already been published, you can publish the activity right away.

Articles that can help with this step:
  • Tutorial: How do I create a basic course?
    Step 2) Creating a course structure
  • Publishing a course template

8) Link the event to the activity

Go to the tab Templates and go to the Settings of the course. Go to the tab Activities and Manage Events.

Click Select Event to add the right event. 

You can also link multiple events. After you click Update, your learners can register themselves. Assessment you can indicate if learners need to be assessed for the event. 

Mandatory event

Are learners obligated to attend the meeting? Then check the box Enrol learners directly to the event when they start with the course. You can only check this box if you link one event to the activity.

Learners will still have the option to unenrol. If you want to prevent this, you can use the setting 'Limit unenrolment' as described in step 2. 

Once learners are enrolled for an event, you cannot unlink the event from the event activity.

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