If a learner is subscribed to a course, a licence will be taken from the balance and it will be valid for a year. The licence year starts the moment that the learner starts the course. If there is still an active subscription after this year, it will cost another licence, which we call a renewal. Example:

You can manage these renewals.

On the Users tab, click the Manage renewals button.

On this page you can see all learners that will potentially be renewed for the date that is set. In the example below that is 10/01/19. You can move the date as far as you want.


Licence date 

This is the date on which the learner's licence has been deducted from the balance. This happens at the moment that a learner is subscribed to a course for the first time.

The date will change the moment a renewal is deducted.

Example: The licence of Wessel Verboom is extended on May 11, 2018 and if there is an active subscription on May 11, 2019, a licence will again be deducted.
Renewal date

This date is based on the date the licence was first activated. This happens at the moment the learner starts. The learner will then be able to appear in the list shown above.

As an administrator you also have the option to activate the subscription manually.

Example: For Mandy Vos there is nothing entered at 'Last login'. Even though she did not do anything in the learning environment, after one year an active registration was found, resulting in an extra licence being deducted on 7 October 2017.
Number of licences

This indicates how many licences have already been deducted from the balance for this learner.


If, after one year, there is still an active subscription for a learner, a new licence will be deducted from the balance by default. You can prevent this by using the slider or by checking learners and clicking on the Not renewable button . In that case there will be no renewal, but the active subscriptions will be change in inactive. 

If you still want to renew the learner after that, you can switch on Renewable again.

Last login

The date on which the learner was last logged in. This way you can easily determine whether you want to extend a learner or not.

Will a licence be deducted at the renewal date for all learners in the list that are renewable?

No, that is not necessarily the case. If the first licence has not been activated yet, it will not cost an extra licence. The first licence gets activated when a learner start a course or when an administrator manually changes the status from'new' to 'active' in the course settings.

Once the first licence has been activated, it will only cost an extra licence if the learner has new or active subscriptions on the renewal date.

By default a course is accessible to learners for one year. So if you subscribe a learner for only one course with that setting, there will never be an extra licence, even if their account is 'Renewable'.

When can I expect renewals?

  • If a course is valid for longer than a year
  • If you register learners for multiple course that have different start dates.

If you want, you can get an overview in Excel every first day of the month with an overview of all the learners of which a renewal will be deducted next month. If you would like to, please send our support team the email address for the system to send the notifications to.

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