Learning objectives are terms that are being used for two functions within the platform.

An adaptive learning journey

In an adaptive learning journey, learners will be presented with lessons about learning objectives that are least mastered by them. The purpose of this is letting the learner learn the most efficiënt; the learning objectives he allready masters require less attention.

Read more about it in the Tutorial: How do I create a course that adapts to the learner?

Training on learning objectives in the MemoTrainer

In the MemoTrainer questions are being repeated. Questions that are answered incorrectly will be repeated more frequently than those that have been answered correctly. If you link learning objectives to questions in the MemoTrainer, the questions for this learning objective will be exchangeble for each other. The retention will then be accumulated based on the learning objectives. How it works: in the Memotrainer there will be asked one question per learning objective in a single training. The next time the training will be filled with different questions that cover the same learning objectives.

How to configure this you can read in: Linking objectives to questions in the MemoTrainer

Learning objectives are not the same as exam terms. Exam terms are used to train on in assessments. Read more about exam terms.