When you use objectives, it is possible to group the objectives to make a clearer overview for the learners. In this overview you can see the group with an average amount of points. If you unfold the group, you can see the objectives within.

Where can I group objectives?

Choose the 'Courses' tab and click Edit behind the template where you want to group the objectives. Choose the Objectives tab and then the Template tab. Then click on Group. You are now in the objective group overview.

How can I group objectives?

Add groups

Select one or more objectives and then click Add group. Enter a Name (one that you will recognize yourself) and a Title (this is what the learners will see) for the group. The name should be unique, but the title does not have to be. The objectives will be added to group right away.

Existing group

Select the objectives that you want to add to an existing group and click Group.


If you want to remove objectives from a group, select those objectives and click Ungroup.

Positioning objectives and groups

In this screen you can also decide the order of the groups and objectives, so you van make the overview or objectives clearer for the learner.
Check objectives and/or groups and click the arrow buttons Up and Down.