If you can't edit a template, this is because you don't have the rights you need.

It can only occur that the Edit button is not available if you are a designer and administrator. You will be able to create courses, but you don't have the rights to edit the template.

1) Give yourself access to the content libraries that are linked to the template

Go to the Users tab and look up your account in the list. Click Roles and assign yourself the designer role if you didn't have this yet.
Click Update and go to the Designer tab. Click + Content library to give yourself designer rights to the libraries. https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/xl68RQ1IpGLEVwod5WjYWiaDhnCGwfTHcPEaKCpKNUI/Jn-DIPXvXj5B3rHBsmKv_fV4u6rL-64RKX2mG5wrQds/EN01-ZPE.png 

If you don't have access to the Users tab, someone else will have to give you the designer rights for the concerning libraries.

If you don't know which content libraries are linked to the template, it's better to add all content libraries

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