The dashboard and statistics, as described below, will be available in the release of August 10.

As an instructor or mentor, you can view a variety of statistics. These allow you to coach your learners, keep an eye on their progress and gauge how easy or hard certain questions are.

Go to the tab Instruct and then click View next to the course for which you want to check the statistics.

You will see a star in front of the learning journey's name. Click on it to mark the learning journey as a favorite. You can find all your favorites by clicking on .

Click  to shadow the learning journey. While shadowing, you will see the learning journey as if you were a learner. This button is not available if you are a mentor in a learning journey.


The course dashboard contains an overview of all the various statistics. You can download data in .csv by clicking on Export

The overview consists of three subjects: Learner progress, Activity score and Question progress. You can find more options in the tabs and submenus.
The functionalities of the subjects are listed below.

Learners tab

On this tab, you find a global overview of the progress per learner.

If you use learner groups in this course, you can use the Filter-button to select learners from a specific group. 

Depending on your template settings (whether it uses the MemoTrainer and/or learning objectives), you will see the following progress bars: 

  • Activities: The general progress on the activities available for the learner.
  • Retention: Shows the percentage of all questions that have been answered on the indicated training level. The knowledge intake is being built up using the MemoTrainer. For more information, see the article 'What is the MemoTrainer?'
  • Efficiency: Shows how much effort a learner needs to invest to master the course's knowledge. This number is calculated by dividing the number of correct questions by the number of attempts. The higher the efficiency, the faster the learner understands and correctly answers the questions. This bar is only visible when using the MemoTrainer.  
  • Objectives: Shows the learner's progress within the learning objectives.

Click a learner's name to see progress and score per activity.

At the bottom of the overview per learner, you will find some graphs that give you a visual insight in the results of the last MemoTrainings by the learner.


If the template uses learning objectives, you can see the progress made under the tab Learners. The point where the light, striped bar stops shows the point at which the learning objective is achieved. The striped and filled part indicates the current progress of the learner for that goal.

Activities tab

In the Activities tab, you can check the average progress and average score per activity.

Click the name of an activity to see the progress and score per learner. 


The p-value is a number between 0 and 1 that indicates the difficulty level of the question. The lower the p-value, the more difficult the learners find the question. The p-value is calculated by dividing the number of times a question has been answered correctly by the number of times the question has been answered. An example: when a question has been answered 20 times, 12 of which correctly, the p-value is 0.6 (12/20=0.6).

Content Tab

Check which questions are considered difficult or easy by the learners. You see the name of the questions, ID, p-value, correctly answered, incorrectly answered and the total amount of answers.