This feature will be available in the release of August 10. 


  • You will organise multiple events that are linked to each other
  • You want to subscribe learners to multiple events at the same time

Which roles do you need?


Click on Events, and then on Event Groups.

1) Create an event group 

Click on

2) Add events

Click on  and select all the events you want to add to this group.

Click to confirm your selection.

When a learner enrols for a group, they will be automatically enrolled for all events in the group. 

It is possible that the list does not show all events. This is because an event can only be linked to one event group at a time. 

Unlinking events

Should you have selected the wrong events, you can always unlink them. Click to see all the events in the group. Select an event and clickto unlink the event.

3) Create one activity per event in the template

Create a separate event activity per event in your group in your learning journey.

In the event activity, learners will then see an overview of all the other events they will enrol for. 

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