What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) can be used in integrations with an external system. If your users can log in to your external system and you don't want to provide them with two sets of login details, you can make your external system the primary entrance of both systems.

You can add an option to your external system that lets users log in to aNewSpring.
Because of SSO, users will bypass the login screen of aNewSpring and they can (optionally) automatically be sent to the right course or activity.

Are you a developer? There are also articles with technical instructions.

How can I let my users log in to aNewSpring with Single Sign-On?

You will need an integration with the API of aNewSpring. Your external system needs to request a login token for a specific user by their external ID.

This login token is valid to use only once and is necessary to perform SSO.

This process happens in the background, so for your learners it will be as simple as clicking a link or button and then being logged in to aNewSpring.