aNewSpring's API can be used to execute functions from an external system (e.g. a Learning Management System (LMS) or user administration system, etc.).

The API makes it possible to manage users, user groups, subenvironments, courses, course subscriptions, calendar items, access codes and events.

Not a developer? We also have an article with a simplified explanation.

The following articles explain the requirements for using the API:

  • API - The API key
  • API - Calling the API and the output format
  • API - Responses and response codes

Once you've gotten this to work, the following articles can explain the context around the API calls and they contain other useful information that can help you to develop an API integration with aNewSpring:

  • API - Using /apidocs
  • API calls - Users
  • API calls - User groups
  • API calls - Subenvironments
  • API calls - Subscriptions
  • API calls - Courses
  • API calls - Calendar items
  • API calls - Access codes
  • API calls - Events

Instead of retrieving results with the API, it might be better to use webhooks:

  • Webhooks

The API is also used to request login tokens for Single Sign-On:

  • SSO - Introduction
  • SSO - Workflow and troubleshooting
  • SSO - Primary login method and email notifications