With SAML, users can log in to aNewSpring from a remote system. Follow the steps below to establish the link.

1) Download the Metadata

Go to https://[fill in your own environment].anewspring.nl/saml to download the metadata.

2) Import the XML into the SAML Identify Provider

3) Send aNewSpring your Metadata

Send the metadata to support@anewspring.nl or give us the URL where we can download this ourselves. We will then import this into your learning environment.

4) Determine which (user) attributes you want to supply

Indicate which personal data you want to make visible in aNewSpring and what the attribute names are of this data. We will then configure this for SAML. We need at least the following:

  • ID, this must be unique per user and may not change. This is identifies a specific user in both systems.
  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name

5) (Optional) Set a URL to send learners to after logging out

When users in aNewSpring click 'Log out', they will be sent to our login screen by default. If you want, we can also send them to your SAML Identify Provider. In that case we would like to receive the URL for this.